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July 9th, 2005 || 0142

I don't know what type of bitch I am. I just reopened a doc containing some sparse contents of my novel, and realized that I have been using the font Cochin. I mean, I'm all open to Macs and their wonderful font selection, but Cochin? Come on! Grow up already!

Speaking of which, I've been living like a child these past few days. Between rendezvous to various suburbs like El Cajon (which really should have an agiu over the o, but those lazy sign-makers don't bother with correct syntax) and my own ant-infested adventures (positioning myself strategically to receive the network, default), I have hardly enough time to sip a bit of boba tea or even sit down. And by sitting down, I mean my butt connects with something, preferably plastic – not concrete. My spine's been taking a blow, and so has my skin. But, I asked for wifi, right? That means I'll have to be prepared to make some sacrifices, however severe they are.

It's nice to see that Xerxes has made up with his girlfriend. He didn't even tell me of their brief reconciliation though! And after all that time I spent with him nodding my head (even if he couldn't see me) and empathizing with his bitter stance, you'd think he'd do me the favor of saying, "Oh, by the way Demie, gf and I are back." But nooo. Well, I guess it isn't entirely his fault. This did just happened recently. I know that because when he was suffering from his self-induced whiplash, things were still unpleasant (123215 yay! things with gf are better!! 123225 not really. excerpt July 8th 2005, Adium) Id est, in order to install kde 3.4, he needed kconfig_compiler; in order to get kconfig_compiler he needed kde 3.2; in order to get kde 3.2 he needed arts 1.1; and in order to get arts 1.1 he needed root access, which was impossible. So basically, he wasted two days installing an environment by means of a dead end street. Summary: pissed girlfriend, pissed linux, and pissed neck.

By some magical incantation our favorite lattice theorist and our favorite Taiwanese chick got back together. Flowers bloomed from every corner, lots of sparkles fell from the sky, and even Kiki the hyperactive ferret attempted to trek across treacherous terrain to give her blessings. She never made it.

Well, that is, until they got into a minor bickering again on their night plans. Something about catching a 22:40 movie (or rather, avoiding it) and where they should go out to eat in the one of the busiest downtowns in the world: Manhattan.

Anyway, enough broadcasting on my unofficial cousin's life. I have no clue how their date went, but I bet it ended with something like:

21:35:54 Sylvia: Xerxes, you don't understand!
21:35:57 Xerxes: What is there to understand?
21:36:03 Sylvia: If you understood you wouldn't have to ask me in the first place!
21:36:04 Xerxes: But –
21:36:15 Sylvia: I don't care! I've stopped caring since this afternoon, when I began to make arrangements for tonight! I hate you so much, but I keep convincing myself that maybe you'll change!
21:36:20 Xerxes: Change what? My hero-complex? My conceit? My genius?
21:36:41 Sylvia: No! (tears start here) I keep hoping that you stop pursuing me...pursuing me...because you don't really love me...but I can't, as you're irresistible when you want to be, so my every move lies in your hands...but...but...(intense crying here)
21:36:45 Xerxes: You hate me because you think I don't love you?
21:36:51 Sylvia: Of course you don' many girls have tried...why should I win...?
*Xerxes grabs Sylvia and intense making out starts here (21:36:59)

All my other friends are doing fine.

Well, except lethe of course. Is he even my friend though? I'm worried sick about him, and I'm sick of worrying about him. He's been gone for at least two weeks, and his only visible sign of life is when he posts on funky functors. Oh and, last week when nettie made me check myspace, he apparently logged in on July 1st. That's it. He has since neglected his Feynman diagrams. Frankly, I don't even think I'm part of the team anymore. Should I go ahead and write a draft of the forum rules? Or should I not waste my time? After hearing nettie's story, I've been inspired to pay for his college – and to do that, I must publish my book as soon as possible. Which means avoiding time sinkers. Anyway, this paragraph sounds more bitter than anxious. But for those of you who don't know me very well, I ought to tell you that I am anxious. Probably more than that. I mean, you don't know lethe. He's a mathematician. Most of you think a bit of silence gets me overreacted, but I'm pretty sure something's up when he ignores me, and a lot of the things he usually does. Sure, he's loath to tell you anything about himself – but it's definitely not like him to get up and leave. He would only do that if he's given up on me and hates me for life for what I've told chroot, or the fact that I'm highly incompetent in his professional field. Here, let's make it simple. There's a logical reason behind my fear. He can't fucking take care of himself! All I hang onto is the fact that he might be in Portland and safe, with Rebecca watching over him. That's his girlfriend.

Well, it's nearly two AM, and I can hear my parents snoring to the right of me. Luckily I'm separated by a wall. I don't know, I should go sleep or something. So here's how things wind down to.

Basically, I'm going to splurge another day tomorrow (living like a child kicks ass) by mall-hopping and pigging out every place I can dream of. Later down the week I'm going to Riverside to pay John Baez a visit, so I can obtain his cell phone number. If you guys don't know who that is, you should kick yourselves in the face.