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July 10th 2005 || 23:01

You know what's funny? I think networks like to run away from me. Before I was forced to sit outside and endure bites from various insects, I was using a connection called NETGEAR. Then, for some reason, it decided to quit on me, leaving nothing but its brother 2WIRE274, which demanded a password due to WEP encryption. Now, both have vanished from Airport's list of available networks. Pretty strange, eh? Maybe it's because I don't know Russian.

Well, I didn't get to revising calculus or revising C++ today, but I did get to see all the stores close in front of my eyes at a major shopping plaza. Just as we all arrived, everything was shutting down. We had forgotten that it was Sunday, which meant early hours and little brouhaha. Silly us. The empty parking garages that met us should have given us a hint, but my dad was too concentrated on celebrating his find on the perfect nook for our car. Yeah, good job dad. Way to go, seeing virtually ever spot was unclaimed anyway. All in all, a very disappointing evening. But whom can I blame? No body, except me! I was the one who dragged my parents to take me shopping at the last minute!

/me stretches

So...that leaves tomorrow all open for me to read a hundred pages in my textbook, and another fifty from The Stuff I Stole From Mr. Combs [TSISFM.C]. Oh glory, I can't wait!

...I have no idea why I'm so upset about doing math.

Maybe it's because I found out the county department dealing with property and taxes and useless shit is based in Murrieta (um, Demie, it's actually in Temecula) and not Riverside. This means I will not be dropped off at UCR campus and will not be seeing Baez. Fuck that county shit! Move your damn headquarters back to Riverside!

Imma gonna email him tomorrow (technically, today, because you readers are seeing the product of yesterday, as I have no internet connection indoors and am reduced to typing on Word) and ask him to hand over his number that way. And, to ensure that he does, I'll probably add a little threat at the end for fright's sake. Like, "My mother saved Gauss' life on more than one occasion, so that genius owes [the family] one. You had better give me your contact info or Gauss'll have your head when he sees how displeased I am," or maybe something more appealing to sympathy: "My mother is dying...if only you could hand over your cell phone number so I can sell it to get are a really popular guy, you know, especially around have a whole fan base..."

Damn, I'm moved to tears! I had no idea that emotional stuff was in me. Furthermore, I had no idea that I could make myself cry. Maybe this will win me a 1st place ribbon in OP next year during sectionals. Maybe.

As for life, life is spiffy right now. I am not tired, not pissed, and not hungry. And I haven't had to resort to Ramen noodles, which, despite its sinfully good taste, means I'm not overwhelmed with work. Yay!

Currently, here's how I've mapped out my tomorrow.

2) Wake up.
3) Groan.
5) Sleep for another hour.
7) Really wake up this time.
11) Groan again.
13) Take five.
17) Have mother bitch in your face and haul you up by your nightgown.
19) Jump out in and out of clothes.
23) Eat breakfast, or if possible, skip it.
29) Swallow medication.
31) Do hair, apply chapstick, snap cell phone out of charger.
37) Sit in a car for an hour trying hopelessly to get on a network.
41) Give up.
43) Begin reading code.
47) End reading code.
53) Get out of car.
59) Stand around doing nothing for several hours.
61) Keep standing.
67) Look innocent.
71) Finally get out of the damn place.
73) ?
79) Go home.
83) Eat dinner.
89) Read a bedtime story before you go to bed - integration techniques!, chapter five
97) Go to bed.

I'm so excited!!
Wish me good luck, guys~~!!!!1111 LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!




  • Here's my schedule:

    1) Wake up
    2) Begin writing code
    3) Check out slashdot
    4) End writing code
    5) sleep.

    thankfully, the project is almost finished!

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 15:19  

  • yarghhhhhh

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 15:20  

  • i WAS HERE

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 15:20  

  • If it weren't for you, I certainly dont know how I'd cope with the mindlessly boring moments of my life.

    PS: I really like your scattered map of what you're doing tomorrow

    PSS: My favorite is #73

    PSSS: Those anonymous posters are a bunch of pansies..

    By Anonymous d03boy, at 15:41  

  • My own would look like

    1)Getting out of bed
    3)Wake up
    5)Consider my day worthless and getting back to sleep

    But sometimes I choose to have a life. Choice is such a fickle friend.

    (> sleep life)

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 19:31  

  • none of you bother to follow the trend. the first five prime numbers are? and if you know them so well, why didn't you slap them on your schedule? none of you, therefore, are forgiven or ever allowed on my chat list again. off you go.

    on lighter news, i love you all.

    By Blogger little miss demosthenes, at 19:40  

  • 3. wake up
    5. eat breakfast
    17. sleep again
    257. wake up and enjoy lunch.
    65537. Write a list using on Fermat primes (there are more then 5 known, i think, but maybe not)

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 07:46  

  • 2) wake up...
    3) Go to class
    5) fall asleep in class
    7) do some studying
    13) go to class some more
    17) fail to do studying this time
    19) go home
    31) do stuff
    61) eat food (maybe)
    89) sleep!

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 22:53  

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